Our Mission

The U.S. Air Force Academy has three core values: Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. The Air Force Regional Training Center (AFRTC) is the extension of that platform providing an elite wrestling program to develop selfless leaders with character and integrity. Your support will provide AFRTC athletes with world class training, coaching and funding for their national and international competition.

About the AFRTC

The Air Force Regional Training Center (AFRTC) is recognized by USA Wrestling as an Olympic Regional Training Center. The AFRTC’s effort is to focus elite athletes who aspire to become All-American, National, World, and Olympic champions in a single training complex. This focus provides a location for local athletes and the individuals and corporations who choose to support this noble and worthy initiative to pursue excellence.

The training complex is housed on the prestigious grounds of the United States Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, neighboring the prestigious U.S. Olympic Training Center. Currently a core group of 60+ athletes within a 250 mile range of the United States Air Force Academy, who met the current USA Wrestling RTC criteria, participate in AFRTC events. The AFRTC athletes are from the United States Air Force Academy, a NCAA Division I institution in the Big 12 Wrestling Conference, the United States Air Force Preparatory School, the U.S. Olympic Training Center and local Colorado high schools.

Athletes who participate in the AFRTC benefit from the training offered in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, leadership development, warrior ethos, in a climate and culture of inclusion and respect, while training and competing at the highest level.

AFRTC Board Members

Doug Wells

Board President
USAFA Class of ’85

Sam Barber

Executive Director

Corey Sanchez

USAFA Class of ’93

Tom Becci


Tom Sharpy

USAF General Ret. – Corporate Sponsorships
USAFA Class of ’87

AJ Werner

Alumni Relations
USAFA Class of ’93

Brett Axton

City of Colorado Springs Outreach

Javier Quintana

Colorado High School Outreach

Dave Schmall

Business Development